Benghazi Skype School

 ≡ Introduction

Benghazi Skype School (BSS) came to existence in response to the current crisis in Benghazi where schools have been closed since October 2014.

BSS aims to provide free educational programs for Libyan students in elementary schools in Benghazi. However, these programs also target all Libyan students inside and outside Libya unable to continue their study for the school year 2014/15. It is also intended to cover the intermediate and secondary school curricula at a later stage.

This idea started by Dr. Haifa El-Zahawi, who posted, last November, in her Facebook account a call to all Libyans capable of assisting in this regard. The positive response and support of a remarkably large number of Libyans from inside Libya and abroad together with the high level of enthusiasm demonstrated by the many students and parents were pivotal in realizing this idea.

≡ Objectives

 Cover all elementary school curricula approved by the Libyan educational authorities to compensate for the closure of schools in the current school year.

 Provide all mental and psychological support for children traumatized by the effect of the present civil war.

 Create a platform for interaction and communication among these students.

 Promote enthusiasm and solidarity among students, parents and teachers.

 Advocate human rights and encourage volunteer works by all Libyans.

≡ Approach

BSS adopts an online distant learning program that benefits from the wide services and tools available on the internet such as Skype, YouTube and other social media. It is intended to include sessions on extra educational topics such as nutrition, fitness, Eye care, etc. in addition to entertainment sessions such as computer games & applications, events, stories, competitions, etc. Two modes of communications between teachers and students are used:

 Direct: students and teachers communicate directly through Skype. Interactive classes, using the instructional program (Moodle) loaded on BSS internet site, have been established in a later stage.

 Indirect: Lessons were recorded and uploaded on the BSS YouTube channel. Videos are also saved on compact disks (CD) and then distributed if direct communication is not possible.

≡ Statistics

 BSS was launched on 20/11/2014.

 More than 4000 participants during the first week.

 About 550 registered students in the first 2 weeks.

 About 115 educational videos uploaded on the BSS YouTube page.

 More than 3000 followers on the BSS Twitter page.

 More than 7400 followers on the BSS Facebook page.

 More than 7300 followers on the BSS Facebook group page.

≡ Contacts

 Main page:

 Email:

 Facebook:

 Twitter :

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 Flickr:

 Skype: SkypeSchool.bss


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